dimanche 1 avril 2007

Bread, credit, globalization

So, while recovering from my night of debauchery, I biked from Kyle's place (on le Plateau, near car-free Prince-Arthur) up to mine (in Rosemont), because my bus pass has expired anyways and I won't buy one before next December. Just after the underpass on Papineau, I decided to go and look for the new bakery I heard about on Monday. I thus turn 180 degrees to go on des Carrières. I was happy to find out that its speciality is berber bread. I did not have any money on myself, but the owner gave me credit!!! Isn't it incredible in our society nowadays? I discovered he is pretty knowledgeable about Québec litterature as well.
Even though I'm a sale gauchiste (damn leftist) and I don't like globalization because of its tendency to reduce culture and language diversity and its heavy reliance on cheap oil, I have to admit that I'm glad I've tasted sushi (when I was still eating fish), berber bread, falafel, etc. When I'll be rich, I'll travel and buy carbon permits to offset my emissions!

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