mardi 11 mars 2008

15 years ago, north of the 60th parallel

I'm profoundly disturbed. I just watched a movie about the situation of the James Bay Cree in the 1990's. In that ecological anthropology class, we saw a movie on their lifestyle in the 1970's. It's so profoundly different. They went from Cree-speaking hunter-gatherers to French/English speaking sedentary people on welfare in 20 years.
I feel sick. The version of the reality that was presented reaches to me so much, was able to sink deeply in because it's in English and about Quebec (and I'm writing in English!), because I haven't slept enough thus my mental barriers were weak, and because childhood memories came back. Of Robert Bourassa on TV after the Flintstones at 12:30PM. Of a friend who's father went to dam La Grande River, up north. Of all the prejudices I heard in my life against amerindians.
Instead of crying out of guilt, I went to see the prof and ask him to avoid the Inconvenient Truth syndrome - the fact that after the audience is faced with a harsh reality, it collectively feels despairs and powerlessness - by empowering us next class.

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