dimanche 20 janvier 2008

Pullman - His Dark Materials

So when I read Floh's enthousiasm here last December when the Golden Compass hit the North American screens, I assumed from her taste of Harry Potter that I might like this movie/book as well.

The first book I loaned at the library this year 2008 was thus that one. I became incapable of social behaviour, all absorbed and obsessed by my reading (which spoiled a family week-end). After I devoured the first book of the trilogy, I waited a bit before reading the second one. I just finished it and the same sadness feeling is hovering in my appartment.

It's a cruel atheist fantasy for children, and so characters die in it. However, it doesn't bring the comfort of a dystopia, because global warming is there (translated by an opened door between two worlds in the Arctic), and the horrors of organized religion and unethical science as well.

No end to this article, because I'm not done with the trilogy.

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