vendredi 1 juin 2007

Law & Order

Anyone has any trust left in the RCMP? We heard so many disgusting things about multiple aspects of the organization. I'm in a mood where I distrust more and more authorities:

  • the Montreal police is recognized by the UN to be reprehensive during protests (and I was arrested after not stopping at a stop sign, which cost me 37$ and 3 points out of 4 on my temporary permit and I'm still pissed about it);

  • there is a will to merge Justice and Police ministries in Quebec or Canada, I'm not sure;

  • I'm probably listed as a threat somewhere because I was on site at the American Summit and am now an environmental activist;

  • the SQ (Sécurité publique du Québec) is doing its job, cracking on criminal organizations related to drugs (however, Quebecers consume marijuana, thus encouraging crime; this issue won't be settled until we decriminalize it. Isn't offer and demand simple enough to understand?).

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