vendredi 15 décembre 2006

Weather, STM, terror and red tape

World is mad today. At least Montreal is. Around noon, wind rose. Then darkness fell. Lightening came. Then I had to get out to take an exam. A heavy feeling of oppression striked me... the sky was so heavy, the wind came in violent bursts and the thunder frightened me... I was not able to be energized by it as usual. I boarded a bus, took the metro, waited too long for the next bus (one didn't show up, I guess). I arrived late for my exam, panicked for the first questions, ignored them and calmed down.
5PM. I get out of the examination room and take the metro with a friend. Around 5:20PM, I hear a loud tone and a voice saying "la ligne orange sera fermée de la station Crémazie à Berri-UQAM en raison du bris d'une conduite d'eau" (the orange line will be down from Crémazie to Berri-UQAM because of a burst water pipe). I get out of the metro at Papineau (green line), and see a huuuge line of people waiting in line for the 45. I start walking. From Rachel to Bellechasse, I didn't see any bus going north. Then I start thinking about how I would rate the reliability of the STM on a scale of 0 to 10. When all goes well, being 5 minutes late is as worst it can get. As soon as a bus doesn't show up (very frequently), people start packing up at bus stops. Now here's a big event, and the STM (Société de transport de Montréal, Montreal Transit Society?) doesn't look like it has an emergency plan. It might be because they have not enough drivers, bus, whatever, but they look like they are always running at capacity (in my one-month user experience). If that's the case, what about a bigger event? What about, of course, in this age of terror, a terrorist attack (like the one in London)? The whole city will have to rely on their feet, bike, car, and dear taxipersons, and be paralyzed in traffic jam. Well it's true that a city shouldn't be doing anything when a large mass of people get simultaneously killed, but if McGill doesn't stop running during snowstorms, icestorms or killings (Dawson, anyone?), what would prevent them to do so the same day as a terrorist attack? If anything going on in the same city don't affect them, will it take something on happening on campus for the university to stop its activities? I guess an attack on James admin, DIRECTLY affecting them would, because compassion seems to stop at their skin.

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