lundi 18 décembre 2006

Study weariness, X&Y, reflexion

I didn't think one could be physically tired of studying. Of course, sitting on a chair or laying on a bed and reading, reading, reading isn't tiresome, as long as you alternate the two positions for your spinal column's sake, but when you're trying to study 14 hours a day (and are only able to do 10 or so...), since three days, it's getting heavy on your system...
I listened to X&Y to pep me up, and it helped. This album is so great... I was shivering with well-being just listening to it. I saw them (Coldplay) when they came in Montreal (wasn't living there at the time, but in QCity), and that show was just the best show of my life (until SOAD's 2006 Parc Jean-Drapeau show) even though I've seen several other shows of bands like System of a Down and Musical Box (covering perfectly Peter Gabriel's time in Genesis). You came out of that show with a lot of positive energy, wanting to kiss everyone!!! As always, police were waiting outside of the Bell Center at the end of the show, but they were kinda useless, since the only physical clash that there could have been between the show's crowd and them would be kissing or huging.
I understand now why my ex was saying that I was pumping his energy: I litterally do that all the time. I would need someone with as much energy as I do.

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