dimanche 21 octobre 2007

Very nerdy entry=My perception of university hockey

I went to my first game of varsity team sports since I'm at McGill, which tells you how much I'm into sports in general. I used to be part of the McGill Cycling Team (I joined in first year to avoid the Freshman 15 by staying in rez), but in my second year I was biking one hour a day (commuting) and now I walk the same amount of time (whereas I could bike 20 minutes per day instead [since I come from a suburb, I'm used to <1h30 of commuting per day]).

I called all my McGill friends that might come to a hockey game, but all their cellphones where off! So it's midterm crazyness, and I'm spared because I have tons of essay (and only 4 classes) for the end of the semester.

So it was McGill Redmen against Concordia Stingers in the Bell Centre for the first time since 15 years. If you read my preceeding note, you'll understand I wasn't in the good mood to start, but I went anyways to cheer me up. Which worked.

I couldn't stop my brain from analysing during the game, so here is what I noticed (and the last game I attended was my cousins' a number of years ago):
-lots of Quebeckers in the teams (from their names) :D
-sound travels really easily (when the stick hits the ice and the puck, it reverberates back to the crowd)
-there is no one constantly commenting (like on TV)
-noise is wanted when the game is interrupted (and they play sport-related, very well known [U2] and party music during that time [includes Arcade Fire during the second pause]). the plastic air-filled sticks are useful for that
-there are recycling bins (for plastic only) everywhere in the Bell Centre
-crowds like fights (I don't). but I really enjoyed hearing "All you need is love-Beatles" and "Bloody Sunday-U2" after the two fights
-people become crazy in front of a camera/while they see themselves on the screens
-rivalry can be really negative
-waves are wonderful
-there are 3 periods lasting 20 minutes each, with 17 min of pause in between, which makes the minimum length of the game 1h30 (but it lasted 2h30).
-it's fascinating how the referee (word I learned at this game!) and the respective teams can understand themselves
-the electronic device hanging from the ceiling is really useful
-drunk people are annoying when one is not drunk itself
-ads are everywhere. sticks, above doors, zamboni (icing mashine), ice, band, during pauses, etc.
-yelling to encourage the team is delightful

Things worthy of report: Adrian Angus, Vice-President University Affairs of the Student Society of McGill University, scored a goal during the first pause after his second try. That explains why he wouldn't drink ;). Ah, and we won the Corey cup 3-1. Redmen stomped on bumblebees! Thanks for organizing this!!!

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