vendredi 1 décembre 2006

Sky is orange and world is grey

After a week of weird weather, going from normal cold (but windyyy) on Tuesday to crazy hot on Wednesday and Thursday back to normal at the end of the day and hail today, I feel glad to stand under the orange sky in Quebec City.
I just watched The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle in its original English version for the first time (and Christopher Lee is the voice actor for the King: great). Because I was thinking about how the concierge of my appartment building was made aware of environmental issues with Myazaki's movies, I was shocked to see a small relationship between The Last Unicorn and environmental issues: (spoilers here) at the end, when the unicorns step back again on Hagar's land, it comes back to its original green state. Since this movie always bring a nostalgia, and since analogically to it the land of our reality is becoming grey, I feel like one could draw a parallel between that fiction and our world: should I feel nostalgic of witnessing everything in our environment change at an incredible rate? I cannot help but panic when I think about our survival as a species on this planet: are we doomed yet? As an environmentalist, I can't allow myself to that conclusion, because that would mean inaction. My only hope seems to rely on my newborn belief in the Green Party: let's elect them or else we're driving through apocalypse.

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