mercredi 6 décembre 2006

Life is changing so fast

I doubt anyone is reading, but I enjoy writing, so I'll go on.
I'm a STM slave as of Monday (I was a free biker as of Friday). I wondered what to do during my 30-45 minutes in the bus/metro. I'm fed up with class reading, so I won't read. I digged in my stuff to find my ol' iPod (4th Generation, 20 Gigs).
It's finals time, I need to find an addiction to resist to while studying for finals (it is a source of motivation: "OK, 4 more hours of study, then I'll satisfy my craving for source of dependence X"). Yesterday, I decided to download Second Life, but I was quite disappointed to see that it's only about gambling, pornography and virtual economy (that MIGHT be interesting, but I'd rather meta-access it). So I read about the MMO pheonomenon on Wikipedia and was satisfied.
Now, I badly wanted to have both my old iPod library and my new computer one on both locations. So I downloaded iTunes (I had it last year since I was in Rez and it was pretty cool to listen to other people's music) and saw the podcast zone.
Holy cow, there's a lot of things going on in the podcast world. Wow. I mean, I'm going to be able to learn (again) Spanish, understand what "Guy Fawkes" stands for, listen again to Democracy Now, get the best audio broadcast from CBC, listen to random skits from UQAM students, get some evolutionary biology, get my daily BBC intake in an audio format, get the Economist weekly summary, understand autism and dyslexia more, etc. Why isn't McGill podcasting?
Being a young adult today is fun: you need great adaptability to be able to behave tolerably in a variety of context, you introspect like hell and you're addicted to information and need more, always more of it.

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